Dumbwaiter Supplying and AMC Services in RK Puram

Dumbwaiter Manufacturers in RK Puram, Dumbwaiter Suppliers in RK Puram, Dumbwaiter Repair & AMC Services in RK Puram. Owing to the changing trend, we offer a comprehensive range of Dumbwaiter in RK Puram. Our products are technically advanced and are manufactured using latest techniques.

We provide Dumbwaiters as per the industry standards.
Dumbwaiter Elevator which is a small freight elevator in RK Puram (or lift in RK Puram) intended to carry objects rather than people. Dumbwaiters are proposed with modern structures which is real helpful in commercial sectors, public sectors and private buildings, are often connected between multiple floors. It can be used in Restaurants, Hotels, Hospital, University Canteens, and Library etc.

Load Car-Inside Lift-Well Entrance Machine Room Speed Mps Pit Depth Head Room
Persons Kg. Width Depth width Depth
15 1020 950 2400 1700 3000 800 3700 5500 Up to 1.5 1600 4800
20 1360 1300 2400 2200 3000 1200 4200 5500
26 1768 1600 2400 2350 3000 1200 4350 5500 Over 1.5 2500 6700